The Constitutional Law “On State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was adopted on June 4, 2007. In accordance with this Law, June 4 is celebrated annually as the day of national symbols.

National symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the National Flag, the National Emblem and the National Anthem.

National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular panel of blue colour with the image of the sun in its center with a soaring steppe eagle underneath. Along the flagstaff there is a vertical band with the national ornamental patterns. The images of the sun, rays, eagle and ornament are of golden colour. The ratio of the Flag’s width to its length is 1:2.

Each colour has its own specific meaning in heraldry. Thus, blue-sky colour symbolizes honesty, fidelity and integrity. Moreover, blue-sky colour has a deep symbolic meaning in Turkic culture. The ancient Turkic peoples always worship the Sky as their God the Father, and their blue-sky banner symbolized devotion to Father Ancestor. The blue colour of the National Flag of Kazakhstan means pure sky, peace and prosperity, and single-colour of the background represents the unity of our country.

According to the heraldic principles the sun symbolizes wealth and abundance, life and energy. That is why the sun rays on the flag have the form of grain, a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the shape of a circle (wheel). It is a symbol of life and eternity that was especially valued among the nomads of the Great Steppes.

National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Anthem of Kazakhstan, previously known as the song “Menin Kazakhstanym” (“My Kazakhstan”), was approved by the country's parliament on January 6, 2006.

Music by Shamshi Kaldayakov, lyrics by Zhumeken Nazhimedenov and Nursultan Nazarbayev