Nurlan Nigmatulin welcomes parliamentary delegations of Jordan and Oman

Nur-Sultan, September 22. Mazhilis Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin stressed the importance of discussing issues relevant to the entire Eurasian space at the upcoming 4th meeting of speakers of Eurasian countries’ parliaments, in an interview with counterparts from Jordan and Oman.

Bilateral meetings with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Jordan, Atef Tarawneh, and the Speaker of the Majlis Ash-Shura of Oman, Khalid Al Mawali, were held today in the Mazhilis.

During the meeting with Atef Tarawneh, the sides noted the high level of interstate relations and the potential for development of cooperation between the Kazakh and Jordanian Parliaments.

In a conversation with Khalid Al Mawali, the Kazakh Mazhilis Chairman emphasized the historical nature of his Omani counterpart’s visit, noting that this is the delegation’s first high-level visit in the history of the bilateral relations.

The Oman’s Majlis Chairman, in his turn, shared his impressions of Kazakhstan, expressing admiration for the dynamic development of our country and capital city of Nur-Sultan. He also emphasized that this is the result of the activities of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

According to Khalid Al Mawali, Kazakhstan is a state that enjoys authority in the world and regularly comes up with important international initiatives.

According to the Oman’s Parliament Speaker, an important factor of our country’s economic development is stability in the multinational society of Kazakhstan.

The two Speakers also spoke for development of inter-parliamentary relations.

Нурлан Нигматулин поприветствовал парламентские делегации Иордании и Омана